“The Savile Police”. What an absurd concept, what are they? Policemen in blonde wigs and tracksuits? Sadly not, they are though as absurd as their chosen handle in the press. Set up as a knee-jerk reaction to a shoddy piece of so-called investigative journalism on ITV in yet another example – as if we needed any – of the continuing clandestine relationship between The Metropolitan Police and the gutter press (aided and abetted by their neighbouring force Surrey Police with their equally sinister relationship with the media), as if to raise two fingers at The Leveson Enquiry and all its legal and moral ramifications.

What is Yewtree for? This is a good question – for other than leading a media witch hunt against several former celebrities for crimes not involving “children” it appears to have very little purpose, certainly no element of real benefit. It is, to all intents and purposes, a media-led police trawl in which individuals are picked out by fitting a criteria – they either have to be apparently dislikable individuals of a probably right wing persuasion and with BBC connections (DLT, Jim Davidson), already ‘disgraced’ and ergo fit for the media bonfire (Gary Glitter, Wilfred De’ath) or – in a new Nazi-esque twist – pesky individuals who spoke out against this witch hunt and needed silencing (Davidson, Max Clifford). The only arrests connected to Jimmy Savile is any way shape or form were Gary Glitter and Freddie Starr (for an alleged and highly improbable orgy in an imaginary dressing room in the wrong building for a show in which neither appeared on the same edition of) and the easy target that is JS’ former Radio One presenter, the elderly Ted Beston. After 5 tedious months of maximum media exposure of this calculated trawl nobody arrested by “The Savile Police” has been charged. I must also point out – in targeting unpopular and/or risible individuals (‘easy targets’) precedents can be easily established. Once they are established, it will not just the right wing comedians of yesteryear or self-styled Hairy Monsters getting nick-nicked for whatever.

This week it transpired that Dave Lee Travis – former Radio One dj and Top Of The Pops presenter – had been ‘re-arrested’, despite still not being charged with any offence 4 months after his initial high profile arrest – 20 or so officers, 7 police vehicles and 30-odd press already waiting. Coincidentally, CPS spokesman Nazir Afzal also chose this moment to announce to the disgraced Red Tops of impending “very high profile figures” will be arrested over the coming weeks as “a growing number of sex abuse cases are uncovered by police”. This chief crown prosecutor then added “There are people you will be interested in”.
At what point did criminal investigations become dependant upon an immoral media to rubber stamp and conspire with the Crown Prosecution Service and The Police? What sort of sick game is this?
Mr Afzam also added that “none are directly linked to Savile” and, very helpfully, “THIS IS A GROWING INDUSTRY. THERE ARE MORE ARRESTS SCHEDULED OVER THE NEXT FEW WEEKS. SOME ARE VERY HIGH PROFILE FIGURES”
“An Industry”. In all his brazen hyprocrisy, Afzal has confirmed what we thought. This is a wicked collusion between The Metropolitan Police and the media and the CPS, and they do not care who knows.
What sort of criminal investigation targets the elderly, and actually – as Mr Afzal has highlighted – is booking in arrests like job interviews and plotting the public downfall of these people in an operation that has yet to charge anyone? They will be arranging events to fall into place for maximum exposure, like their high profile arrest of DLT – who had already stated he wanted to be interviewed – on the morning one of his Top Of The Pops was due to be re-broadcast on BBC4, or arrested in an airport (Jim Davidson). Utterly contrived and utterly disgusting.
It should not surprise anyone, as the whole posthumous Jimmy Savile scandal, is – as discovered by Anna Raccoon – a conspiracy of epic proportions, were dissenting voices are arrested, vilified or – for those like Anna, the wrong sex and the wrong intellect to be made a monkey of – completely ignored despite being in possession of evidence that disputes and casts a cloud against dubious stories now, no matter how absurd, taken as gospel by a public overrun with false media reports. The scandal was based around lies broadcast on a shoddy ITV shockumentary, and the grew legs by the fact that allegations could be made by anyone – however fanciful – and never challenged. The sort of things dreams are made of if you’re a hand-wringing shifty former detective trying to make a name for himself on ITV, a disgraced “news”paper looking to increase crashing circulation and deflect your own much-publicised moral failings or simply a trash chat show looking for rubbish to talk about.
“The Savile Police” have created their Operation Yewtree as a witch hunt. Set up in the shadow of the dreadful ITV programme, it is divided into “three strands”: ‘Savile’, ‘Savile & others’ and just plain old ‘others’. Other what? Other TV personalities? Other old men? No, it would seem “other” means “literally anybody”. For any reason – anything can be rendered ‘sexual’ out of context, nothing can be proved and nothing can be disproved. It doesn’t have to involve anyone underage or have any timescale. Anything, anyone. To announce to a newspaper under investigation itself under another criminal operation (one that it actually producing real charges and real convictions for real crimes) that this “is an industry” and that you are booking in future arrests – presumably when the press are available – is beyond corrupt.
In making their high profile arrests and pontificating to a disgraced media about “more to come” is to trawl for complaints. Each arrested individual may as well be paraded through every high street in the country, carrying a banner with “make a complaint about me” on.
There is no purpose to this operation other than to create an illusion that the police are doing something about an illusion. They couldn’t investigate the many ridiculous claims against Jimmy Savile because, conveniently for all, he is dead. So they create a bogus operation to trawl for scapegoats and call it “an industry”. Is this justice, is this what society has been reduced to? Phony documentaries, phony reports and a witch hunt. Policemen and Crown Prosecutors making stupid comments to the press and, in the case of the NSPCC – never shy to push their own agenda – and the joke that is Yewtree Commander Peter Spindler, failing to see that making lunatic statements to the corrupt UK press is not protecting any children, past present or future. We are way beyond parody here.

Oh, almost forgot. In an attempt to justify the existence of “Operation Yewtree” the Met have been piggy-backing other sex abuse enquiries – the victims involved in those enquiries do not know why they are involved in Yewtree when their experience has nothing to do with Savile, nor with any of his associates, nor “others”. The involvement of Yewtree in this completely unrelated operations is slowing down their justice.
Which all begs the question – if we can’t trust the police to have a decent agenda, if the media conspiracy to stop the truth from getting out is all-encompassing and if telling the truth gets us arrested, what is the law for now, Persecution and promotion? It certainly isn’t “child protection” as healthy-minded children need to have healthy-minded adults in order to become healthy-minded adults themselves, and the society in which we find ourselves now is a slave to paranoia, suspicion and ignorance.

Vile corruption.



  1. Pingu says:

    Good essay, and so so true.

    Their probably targeting the elderly because there hoping they’ll die soon and so won’t be around to get revenge in a few years time when people are looking back on this thinking wtf was all that about? lol

    Stuart Hall has been charged but has anyone else? Or are they still “building a case against them” (in other words trawling for ‘victims’ and fabricating evidence, lol).

    It’s ridiculous, the press shouldn’t know about people due to be arrested, should they? Should that not just be between those directly involved and the police etc? Not every Tom, Dick and Harry…

    I thought these blogs on the subject were quite good too:-



    • kaz says:

      then ask them why Cotsbrook Hall, a home that Waterhouse noted was part of Bryn Alyn Community (North Wales) is Yewtree, not Pallial – the Operation investigating North Wales.
      Staff were regularly traded form one home to another to cover leave or illness. Telford is not that far a drive for a staff member to jump in their car, especially if its for a night shift….drive to Telford, have a drink or 3 n go bed. Get up n go home. Hardship Not!
      Macur and Pallial hhave refused to consider Cotsbrook Hall as North Wales because of its geographical location, completely ignoring one whole strand of investigation into Bryn Alyn Community and the rest of the Welsh events.

  2. 19Hateys Fraud Market ongoing.

    Sex-and-violence obsessed Fascist Phoney-Anglophone UK/US/CA/OZ/NZ/SA/IE, Journalism & Justice Serial Gang Raped !

    For greed, ratings, profit, always masked as so called ‘Protection’.

  3. Moor Larkin says:

    One of the most startling moments I recall during the October 2012 media frenzy was when a senior officer from Scotland Yard said on camera that he was warning other accomplices of Savile that, “we’re coming for you”. Who were these people I wondered. At the time the two TV stars implicated by the initial Duncroft allegations about the Clunk Click programmes had been arrested and bailed. Since then, not one single person who has been arrested has had any linkage about their alleged crimes made with Jimmy Savile. Not one. Even when people close to him, such as his old Producer have been arrested the police have been even driven to state that the matter is NOT connected with Jimmy Savile – just to avoid any doubt.

    At the end of October 2012 it was even claimed that there were twelve UK household names or BBC employees, implicated with Savile, who were to be arrested. There may be twelve people arrested by now, I haven’t kept a close score, but what I do know, is that not one single one of the allegations these people face has had any connection with Jimmy Savile. How can Police Rhetoric become so dissociated from Police Reality? The Savile Exposure programme was put together by a former policeman, now turned investigative journalist. The Savile Allegations became a criminal matter and a genuine national panic only because of the confirmations apparently offered by the police.


    • Agnes says:

      It seems like their determined to twist and change the law and argue black is white just so they can hang draw and quarter Jimmy Savile anyway. Bunch of weirdos…

  4. Duncan Disorderly says:

    Nazir Afzal seems to be creating a name for himself. He brought the prosecutions of all the Asian men convicted of grooming in Rochdale. He was also the chap who decided that Cyril Smith must have been guilty of abusing boys in a children’s home in the sixties.

    I am slightly frightened that we are returning to the methods that were discredited after the Dave Jones trial in 2000. I recommend reading his autobiography about what occurred at his trial.

  5. Mewsical says:

    I would be highly suspicious of any internet posts from women from Duncroft in the 70s. Until at least one of them steps forward and says that she is not receiving ANY COMPENSATION FROM ANY SOURCE then everything they say is mendacious, and driven solely by expectation of financial gain. I spent an unpleasant year on the internet with some of these lovelies, trying to figure out what was going on, from the first communication from Fiona, trawling for more conspirators to bolster their specious claims regarding Savile, to the discovery that one of the girls was lying about her identity, after which the whole house of cards collapsed. However, during that time not a one of them ever said that this campaign against a dead man was altruistic and designed to protect other abuse victims. It was and is all about the money, and don’t kid yourself that there is anything other than that at the bottom of this.

    • Strange.... says:

      Well. what was the woman ‘Rochelle Shepherd’s’ one line at the beginning of the Panorama programme back in October?

      “But these girls are left with that legacy and WHOSE GONNA PAY FOR THAT?” lol

      ….and then it goes on to say the NHS, Local authorities and home office may all face legal action….

      ….then on comes Elizabeth Dux telling us that although the hospitals say they have no record of complaints and don’t recall any complaints, that her clients DID complain, without a shred of evidence other than their say so.

      And this has been in the papers and on the news since October, i’ve been hearing a lot of these stories since October, but apparently stories about Jimmy Savile been floating about the world wide web far longer than that, thanks in no small part to David Icke I dare say….

      Yet the police say the ‘victims’ must be telling the truth because most of them are unknown to one another and from different parts of the county!?

      Even without the internet people all over the county knew about it and could have concocted similar stories based on what they read in the papers or saw on the News. but with the internet people from all over the world can view the same site and communicate with each other. And if stories were going around the net about Jimmy Savile before October 2012, it’s probably been 100 fold since.

      Are the police for real saying the complainants couldn’t have colluded?

      If that’s the case then, apart from the four involved in the Surrey/Sussex police investigation of 2007 to 2009 and the woman who went to the police in 2003 to complain Jimmy put his hand on her bum on TOTPs in 1973 when she was apparently 15 (if TOTPs had an over 16 policy then she’d have probably had to pretend to be 16 if that is the case), why did no one else complain before now? As I simply don’t by the “he was protected” crap – it’s not believable that Jimmy Savile was “protected” to anywhere near the extent the media are trying to make out.

      And my money is on the woman who complained in 2003 and the original Surrey/Duncroft complainants of 2008 (or 2007? Depending which report you read), were put up to going to the police by the press, just as the Sussex woman was by the Sun in 2008 (2007? Depending which report you read)…. 😉

  6. CHRIS says:

    All the discussion about Duncroft, Miss Jones, her nebulous nephew (who lest us forget is under no illusions about how trustworthy these “witnesses” are) and their part in this conspiracy/witch hunt have been discussed in great depth over on Anna’s excellent site, and I would guide any interested parties to that site http://www.annaraccoon.com.

    My own position is this: until Mr Jones, Williams-Thomas and all others involved in this apparent stitch-up enter open discussion with people like Anna who have cognitive information on Duncroft that was misrepresented on Exposure, Panorama and all subsequent coverage then my opinion will be that this is what I have said it is in my articles. If they cannot and will not engage in open discussion then I am afraid the whole matter appears to be a colossal conspiracy. It is simply not good enough that the likes of Mark Williams-Thomas refuse to even acknowledge these claims, never mind Police Commanders making unqualified statements in place of actual investgations and the mainstream media trying to drag an ‘opinion’ on Savile (whether its relevant or not) from every interview and feature they make. Propaganda is the word that springs to mind.

    There is an excellent series of articles on JS here: http://jimcannotfixthis.blogspot.co.uk/

    • Mewsical says:

      I just went and had a look at Liz Dux, the solicitor for some of these complainants, and found that she is what is generally known as an “ambulance chaser.” Although she also has involvement in other areas, i.e. adviser to Women Against Rape, etc., doesn’t take away from the fact that she started her career in personal injury law. Looks like nobody with any real experience is prepared to represent these ‘complainants’ and for good reason. http://www.legal500.com/firms/2940/offices/445/lawyers/1674

    • Lucozade says:


      Mark Williams Thomas can preach the story he wants everyone to believe from behind the safety of a television screen and do interviews so long as they are staged and anyone who dares to ask difficult questions has ‘shame’ heaped on them, but he couldn’t enter open discussion with anyone asking proper questions and expecting proper answers because they’d make mince meat of him….


      I read a story in the Guardian from December that Karin Ward is pursuing ‘legal action’ for ‘historic abuse’, but it doesn’t say what for or if it involves Jimmy Savile….


  7. Mewsical says:

    I wish these moronic reporters would do their homework, and then issue the appropriate challenges. In this case, the location for Clunk Click tapings. They did not take place at the Centre, they took place at the old Empire Theatre in Shepherd’s Bush. She also notes in her book that Savile came to the school in a ‘low-slung sports car.’ There’s a lot of blabbing about a Rolls, but Savile himself has noted that it was not a Rolls, but a modified Bentley.
    I wonder why nobody in the press has asked Mark WT for a sit-down interview to thoroughly hash-out his background, and why he feels he is qualified to jump to wild conclusions on the say-so of at least one woman who self-admittedly was under the care of a psychologist, i.e. Karin Ward and a disgruntled relative of the former headmistress functioning as a journalist/producer for Newsnight. This crazy train was permitted to plough ahead, and once the rest of the opportunists saw that all this rubbish was possibly being taken seriously, took occasion to jump on the bandwagon headed for Mount Moolah, under the leadership of Fiona.

    • Lucozade says:


      Re: “This crazy train was permitted to plough ahead, and once the rest of the opportunists saw that all this rubbish was possibly being taken seriously, took occasion to jump on the bandwagon headed for Mount Moolah, under the leadership of Fiona”

      Lol, when you put it like that it sort of put me in mind of the Riots in London in 2011, that after some publicity, started to spring up in other parts of the country as well…. 😉

  8. Mewsical says:

    Any thinking person in Britain should realize by now that they have been wrongly manipulated by the Savile nonsense. Child abuse is not something to shove under the carpet, but continuing to ‘expose’ celebrities, because it’s ‘sexy’ to do so, while all sorts of dodgy males (and females) who are not celebrities are getting away with it while the authorities are chasing largely blameless celebrities. This is an appalling miscarriage of justice and lacks common sense. I did some reading at the links that Pingu provided – especially the ‘moral panic’ one. It looks as if the academics are waking up to what’s going on.

    • Lucozade says:


      Lets face it, the original police investigation found not enough evidence to change and most didn’t want it going to court anyway. The one complaint before that involved an accusation of Jimmy putting his had on the complainants bum, yet after (seemingly) taking it upon herself to go down to the police station and make a complaint 30 years after the alleged incident, she says she doesn’t want to support a prosecution? Why go to the police and make a complaint and give a statement if you don’t wish to support a prosecution, unless it’s an urgent thing you want stopped in the here and now?

      It doesn’t make sense, apparently she said as well that she’d only take it further if “there were others”, yeah well maybe we all feel like that cos no one likes to feel like a grass on their own, but it was her who approached the police, what made her think there was others?

      But the fact it sounds so similar to how some of the other complaints have unfolded and the fact it was over so little, and the fact despite her being the one to contact the police she never wanted to support a prosecution (why go to the police then?), indicates to me that she was put up to this by somebody else, and we know the Sun newspaper has form for that…

      As you said, while they’re wasting so much time and resources chronicling false allegations of rape against men and boys and bum touching of girls against a dead man, thats valuable time and money not being spent investigating real criminals (although funnily enough the accusations haven’t even been investigated – so how they know they are true I don’t know….?).

      Have you noticed though, well, the only accusations against Jimmy Savile of real actual forced rape i’ve come across anyway are from men?

      While the women complainants seem to be either making accusations of underage sex or silly things like bum touching?

      Why rape men and not women? Of course I haven’t heard all the complaints….

      But I thought Moor Larkin last few blogs were good…. 😉

  9. John Smith says:

    I left the UK in 1987,relocating to the United States. I’m trying to get a handle on this whole thing which just boggles my mind. I read some of Anna Raccoon’s commentaries on this issue… wow (!) a voice of reason in the wilderness. Has anyone noticed how Nazir Afzal has no real information about him on Wikipedia? I also had the great misfortune of watching the Jeremy Kyle show. Things can get pretty depressing here at times but it seems Britain has taken on board all the worst aspects of American culture. The Salem Witch Trials were over 300 years ago… seems my home country is determined to make up for lost time. So has anyone actually been convicted apart from Stuart Hall? Might the money allocated for Operation Yewtree not have been better spent on current victims of rape and child abuse?? Is there any guarantee that this investigation will be any better handled than the bungled Operation Ore?
    People often ask me what I miss about England and if I would ever go back and the answers are respectively: not this mob frenzy and no… not really.

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